Venice Beach Boardwalk
Venice Beach is a destination for thousands of natives and tourists alike who come to soak up more than just the sun. The boardwalk is known as a virtual carnival, home to a variety of street performers, hundreds of vendors, sidewalk cafes and restaurants, and the famous Muscle Beach. Our walls are in the heart of Venice Beach, reading to the Venice Beach Boardwalk, bike path, basketball courts, and to the beach itself. The location offers a unique mix of both an urban setting and a beach destination.Get a feel for the flow of traffic in Venice Beach through these two time lapse videos: North & South. Take a look at the Wiki page on Venice to get an understanding for the development and unique history for one of Los Angele's greatest attractions.

LAX Wilshire Blvd. Corridor
This landmark illuminated wallscape is located in a key high rise business district between downtown Los Angeles and the upscale “West Side.” The location offers an extremely long read, reaching daily commuters traveling past the wallscape from Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, or Bel Air on their way to downtown LA, Staples Center, Convention Center and other attractions. In addition to large traffic count, the wallscape sees massive pedestrian traffic due to the number of offices, high-end restaurants and retail spaces on the sidewalks below. Click here to read more about this 16 mile street running through the heart of Los Angeles.
Santee Alley

Santee Alley at the L.A. Fashion District
This open-air bazaar is located a few blocks away from the California Market Center in the heart of the Los Angeles Fashion District. The Santee Alley is an actual alley located between Santee Street and Maple Avenue. The alley runs for only two blocks, but the elbow-to-elbow crowds come to shop at over 300 retail destinations seven days a week. More info on this busy culture filled alley can be found through this link.

Melrose Ave Melrose Avenue Wallscapes
Located in the heart of the Westside, Melrose Avenue is where the stars and wealthy go to dine and shop for cutting edge fashion. In addition to the bumper to bumper traffic, Melrose is crowded with hip and trendy pedestrians strolling the sidewalks. Home to comedy clubs, night sports, nostalgia shops, antique stores, art galleries, jewelry stores, fine dining, coffee shops, Melrose Avenue is a place to see and be seen. Melrose Avenue has a history of it's own and plenty of interesting facts to know, take a look at the Wiki Page here to see the roots and beginnings of this historic shopping avenue.